Golf Swing Domination coaches you through practically EVERYTHING I know about finding your BEST Golf Swing - without complicated technical
rubbish - in around 90 minutes

This has taken me nearly 20 years to put together.

It pretty much has EVERYTHING you need to know to build/own a much better version of your current golf swing. If I can be so bold, it’s all about,

Finding Your True Authentic & Powerful Golf Swing

Before I tell you what's in this learning resource, let me be clear about a few things:

This is a video course - and contains 20 videos (and growing) with text support. This is not a book. The bulk of the content appears in video form but there is still enough text for those who like to read. Further, most of the videos feature one of my best ever students as I walk him through the coaching concepts - this makes it ideal to see the concepts in action and being applied in real time.

The training is relatively short - the total time to watch the main video training will be around 90 minutes. This is short enough to consume in ONE sitting. Plus, the videos are relatively short and cover one topic at a time. But there's more than enough meat on the bones so you're getting tremendous value. 

If you are expecting a detailed technical training course you'll be disappointed. GSD is all about giving you enough info so you can be dangerous. I want you to grasp the training and then get outside and put the ideas into action (this is the absolute BEST way to learn). If you believe that better golf is all about the minutia of technical details and you want to go around in circles worrying about all the usual BS, then best you don't proceed.

But if you are ok with all of this...

Here is just some of what you can expect to learn
in my Golf Swing Domination training video course:

The single most-important thing you can do right now to unleash the best version of your OWN golf swing. This is so important but ignored (or misunderstood) by most in the golf industry.

My stupidly simple coaching advice that allows you to bypass almost all traditional type instructions but still get a huge advantage with your game. It's a bit like being able to pinch ALL those ideas and inject them into your game WITHOUT the usual heartache.

My ridiculous 5-minute practice routine that speeds up learning time. No need to spend hours at the driving range or the practice fairway because most of my best clients use this 5-minute practice session at home. (plus I share with you what I think is the ultimate home practice setup - this has been a game changer for me and help reignite my passion for the game)

How to fix any fault WITHOUT going down the traditional technical rabbit hole. This coaching idea fast-tracks your results WITHOUT causing you stress and worry.

How to hit advanced shots without needing to remember all the usual rules and techniques. I have NEVER seen any coach make hitting fades, draws, highs & lows this simple.

A very simple way to figure out HOW to find the absolute perfect grip for you. The hold on the club is obviously highly important, so get this down you'll be well on your way to having a better golf swing.

The amazing insight my very best Automatic Golf client gleaned from me in one of our training sessions. This one lesson can cut years from your learning time and it's utterly profound for regular golfers (those not on the PGA Tour)

Why Golf Swing Domination has allowed me (and my clients) to go way deeper with their golf performances. It's my desire for you to see golf as way more than just plain old boring swing technique and get more from golf than just your score or handicap. 

The 7 natural learning fundamentals that are pretty much ignored by the traditional golf teachers (all presented from the aspect of learning a better golf swing)

Why it's 10000 times more important for your technique to find you rather than you trying to figure out what the correct technique is. Don't worry, I'm going to walk you through an elegant (and truly simple) way to make this happen.

What I have found to be the ideal backswing for most golfers. This is vitally important learnings, especially if you're over the age of 50.

A revolutionary golf practice effect (at least it was for me and many of my clients) that can take your ball striking to brand new levels.

The 3 natural learning principles that allow you to adopt a much better stance for YOU. And this has nothing to do with alignment or spine angle. I also reveal the amazing advice I learned from an Aussie golf coach who is virtually unknown (but his coaching on the stance was utterly profound)

The vitally critically fundamental of Golf Swing Domination. This is where most golfers go wrong because their focus is entirely in the wrong place. This one step has allowed me to find deeper meaning and enjoyment - and is something I regret not learning sooner. As a result, it's a fundamental of ALL my coaching these days.

Where MOST traditional golf swing instructors go WRONG with their teachings.

What science says is the most important golf swing fundamental and HOW you can integrate it into your own game - easily and without causing stress on your back and joints.

My Ultimate Training Drill and why this is BETTER than all the other ones you've probably tried.

The real way to increase power in your golf swing WITHOUT hurting yourself (or needing to go to the gym)

What you can learn from Bryson Dechambeau (and the other long drive champs). Seriously, some of these guys are expert coaches and have wonderful insights. (and they apply to all areas of your game, not just long driving). 

The mental learning strategy (that again is missed by most traditional teachers) that virtually guarantees you'll unlock a better golf swing (that's ideal for you) super easily.

Another of my favourite practice ideas that increases concentration & focus and gives an unfair advantage. 

My weird practice concept that makes it easy to increase the length of your drive. Hint: and you don't (and shouldn't) even hit your driver! This is a brilliant training drill because I can hit the ball further WITHOUT stressing and straining my body. I have been doing this for a few years now and have picked up some serious distance - and there's been no issue with my body.

How to pitch the ball - this training is all very new and not something I have released before. This is has been so profound for me that I am looking at adding to this even further. There are so many amazing insights I have gleaned from pitching the ball that I can't wait to share them with you.

How to start your golf swing like a BOSS! This gets things moving right from the start and helps maximize your chances of success. There's just not enough focus on this part of the golf swing and why I devote a full video to it.

And more!

Again - this is a fairly short learning resource by choice.

Because I want you to go through the lessons and apply them!

And ideally, you'll be able to go through the bulk of the lessons in one sitting - in around 90 minutes.

And then, you can get outside and apply the principles you think are right for your game.

Even better, because the concepts are not going to mess with your head or confuse you, you'll be able to use them next time you play. And this in turn will allow you to maximise your chances of PLAYING YOUR BEST out on the golf course.

Look, I'm not really interested in you just hitting better shots on the range. Nope. I'm more interested in you getting to the course and experiencing your best golf there.

The golf course is the arena and this is where you MUST perform. So, I want you to hit YOUR best shots when it counts!!

So, with this course you'll possess the most important knowledge any golfer can have: How to turn your existing and inconsistent golf swing into something you can rely on time and time again. And I'm talking more power, accuracy and incredible consistency out on the golf course.

One last thing: I nearly forgot to mention that this package also contains my original BioSwing & Billion Dollar Drive Secrets packages. I thought it was a good idea to include these for reference and your perusal. These offer the complete backstory to my golf swing coaching journey and complement GSD nicely.

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